Daisy Vu ’20
Daisy is currently a junior at Columbia majoring in Economics & Statistics. A native Vietnamese, Daisy has helped run her family business since the age of 12 with a demonstrated history of business development, finance, and working with startups. Her family business is a leading construction retailing company in Vietnam that provides high-end, imported home improvement products and services to both domestic and foreign clients from South Korea and Japan.

Eric Lunzer ’19
Eric is currently a senior at Columbia majoring in Sociology. Prior to Columbia, Eric served in the US Marines and was an Executive Chef. Eric comes from a real estate family business based in California.

Lance Jubel ’20
Lance is currently a junior at Columbia studying Economics. Prior to returning to university, he worked within the fashion industry overseeing the North American sales for Boglioli. Lance currently serves as Treasurer on The Interschool Governing Board as well as Family Council Chair for his family’s council. The family business is a leading original equipment manufacturer for the automotive industry with Lance being in the third generation.